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We Specialize in the Installation and Repair of Residential Garage Doors and Openers in The Dallas, Texas Metroplex. The Good Guys Garage Door is family owned and operated. We have been providing expert residential garage door service and garage door installations for over 10 years to all of Dallas, Denton, Collin, Rockwall, Kaufman Counties. Centrally located in Dallas, Texas, our fleet of service trucks can offer same day service to most communities. Broken garage door springs and residential sectional garage doors are our specialty. Our trucks are completely stocked with the parts necessary to repair that broken garage door, remote transmitter, or a broken door cable. Call Today 972-400-5957

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You can depend on us for excellent maintenance and repair service for all residential garage doors and door systems we install, as well as for most makes and models of other doors and openers. We are committed to very competitive pricing and service you can rely on. And all our installers are trained to provide the best quality work in the Dallas Metroplex. That’s important.

With over 10 years of experience installing and servicing garage doors, garage door springs and openers, 
we know how to do the job right! Expert garage door service and courteous, friendly people, and offering a wide range of services:
  • Garage door and opener tune-up and repair
  • Section Replacements
  • Broken Spring & Cable Replacements
  • Same Day Service In Most Cases

Garage Door and Opener Repair: About City:
A garage door opener is a motorized device that opens and closes garage doors. Most are controlled by switches on the garage wall, as well as by remote controls carried in the garage owner's cars

The electric opener
The electric overhead garage door opener was invented by C.G. Johnson in 1926 in Hartford City, Indiana. Contrary to popular belief, the electric opener does not provide the actual lifting power to open and close a heavy garage door. Instead, most of the actual lifting power comes from the counterbalance springs that are under tension to lift the garage door via steel counterbalance cables. The electric opener only controls how far the door opens and closes, as well as the force the garage door exerts. In most cases, the garage door opener also acts as a lock.

The typical electric garage door opener consists of a power unit that contains the electric motor. The power unit attaches to a track. A trolley connected to an arm that attaches to the top of the garage door slides back and forth on the track, thus opening and closing the garage door. The trolley is guided along the track by a chain, belt, or screw that turns when the motor is operated. A quick-release mechanism is attached to the trolley to allow the garage door to be disconnected from the opener for manual operation during a power failure or in case of emergency. Limit switches on the power unit control the distance the garage door opens and closes once the motor receives a signal from the remote control or wall push button to operate the door.

The entire assembly hangs above the garage door. The power unit hangs from the ceiling and is located towards the rear of the garage. The end of the track on the opposite end of the power unit attaches to a header bracket that is attached to the header wall above the garage door. The power head is usually supported by punched angle iron.

Remote control
The first garage door opener remote controls were simple and consisted of a simple transmitter (the remote) and receiver which controlled the opener mechanism. The transmitter would transmit on a designated frequency; the receiver would listen for the radio signal, then open or close the garage, depending on the door position. The basic concept of this can be traced back to World War II. This type of system was used to detonate remote bombs. While novel at the time, the technology ran its course when garage door openers became widely available and used. Then, not only did a person open their garage door, they opened their neighbor’s garage door as well. While the garage door remote is low in power and in range, it was powerful enough to interfere with other receivers in the area.

The second stage of the wireless garage door opener system deals with the shared frequency problem. To rectify this, systems required a garage door owner to preset a digital code via dip switches on the receiver and transmitter. While these switches provided garage door systems with 28 = 256 different codes they were not designed with high security in mind; the main intent was to avoid interference with similar systems nearby.

The third stage of garage door opener market uses a frequency spectrum range between 300-400 MHz and most of the transmitter/receivers rely on hopping or rolling code technology. This approach prevents perpetrators from recording a code and replaying it to open a garage door. Since the signal is supposed to be significantly different from that of any other garage door remote control, manufacturers claim it is impossible for someone other than the owner of the remote to open the garage. When the transmitter sends a code, it generates a new code using an encoder. The receiver, after receiving a correct code, uses the same encoder with the same original seed to generate a new code that it will accept in the future. Because there is a high probability that someone might accidentally push the open button while not in range and desynchronize the code, the receiver generates look-a-head codes ahead of time.

The fourth stage of garage door opener systems is similar to third stage, but it is limited to the 315 MHz frequency. The 315 MHz frequency range avoids interference from the Land Mobile Radio System (LMRS) used by the U.S. military.

Mesquite Texas did not incorporate until December 3, 1887. It was the second town outside of Dallas in Dallas County to do so. A number of the community's civic leaders resided in the Long Creek area, now part of Sunnyvale. They included the Paschall, Reedy, Lawrence, Vineyard, Coats, Oates School Caldwell, Bennett, Snyder, and Webb families.

Education was important to these early pioneers, and different field schools were started on family farms. Dr. Counsel David Oates, a physician from Alabama, built the Oates school on his place in the 1870s near what is now Interstate 30 and Galloway Avenue.

The Bennett School was constructed sometime between 1861 and 1872 near New Market and Belt Line roads and served the community until 1894. J.C. Rugel from East Tennessee initially served as its only faculty in various vacant rooms and a log cabin for several years. Nine students formed the first graduating class in 1890. The Murphree School began operation in 1881 near Motley Drive and Town East Boulevard on land donated by J.H. Florence.

The Mesquite TX Community School served school children from 1887 to 1902 on the current site of the First Baptist Church. Rufus Cole, a Mesquite resident who attended the school for his first year of education, told Mesquite historians that the school was a two-story frame building and that the country school children walked to class through miles of mud, snow and rain. By 1887, the Common School District No. 21 of Mesquite Texas consisted for two schools, including the Bennett School. In 1901, the Mesquite TX  Independent School District formed.

The First Baptist Church is considered the oldest congregation in Mesquite. There is no evidence that the church had a regular house of worship until 1881, when a large frame building was built on Kimbrough Street. The First United Methodist Church was built about 1882 at its present location, and the First Christian Church, which actually began in Scyene, began meeting in Gross Hall by 1884 on a lot that is now a part of the public square. Construction of the First Presbyterian Church began in 1883 and was completed by 1885 on what is now West Davis Street.

Sen. R.S. KimbroughIn 1882, Sen. R.S. Kimbrough established The Texas Mesquiter (now The Mesquite News), the oldest newspaper in the county outside of the city of Dallas. It began its news coverage of hometown people and events, printing with handset metal and wood type on an old George Washington hand press.

In 1890, Mesquite served an ever-expanding farming community. Neatly plotted, prosperous farms with cotton, hay, corn, sugar cane, cattle and horses were scattered around the town. The cotton yard was located on the southwest edge of town where the farmers who had no access to gins brought their cotton before taking it to one of Mesquite's two gin companies, operated by R.S. Kimbrough and Tobias Paschall. Ginned bales were placed on the cotton platform west of the depot, and then shipped out on the Texas & Pacific. In 1891, Mesquite marketed 4,114 bales of cotton.

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